Gergely Csibra

Center Director

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Hattyu u. 14
IV. Aula 8.
+36 1 328 3661

My research focuses on various aspects of cognitive development in human infants. Specifically, I study infants' visual processing from the level of spatial attention and eye-movement control through the intermediate levels of object and face perception to the level of interpretation of observed actions in terms of goals and understanding of communicative signals. I am also interested in how cognitive processes are accomplished by the human brain and how cognitive development can be explained by the neural development in infancy. Beyond behavioral measures, I use high-density event-related potentials and near-infrared spectoscropy (optical imaging) to measure the on-line functioning of the brain while infants are engaged in various activities.

Students Supervised:

Johannes Mahr
Rubeena Shamsudheen
Denis Tatone


If you are interested in my publications, find them on the department's publication page. For some unknown reason, CEU does not allow me to advertise all of them via the link below.

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